What is Artist Alley? 

The Artist Alley is a place for amateur, hobbyist, and up-coming professional artists  to sell and promote their work. Handcrafted items, custom artwork, commissions,  props, toys, handmade textiles, artist merchandise and more! If your wares consist  mostly of pre-made, commercial merchandise, or re-sale 

items, please look into selling in our Exhibitor’s Hall instead. 

Fanart Policy 

All tables in the Artist alley are required to stay below 50% fanart content at any  time. You MUST either divide your table so that it is easily verified by our staff, or  label all fanart/original content clearly. We recommend using small stickers or labels  to easily distinguish pieces. This is a requirement for all standard and pro-row  tables. If your table displays a higher percentage, you may be asked to remove  display items, or possibly have your table revoked. If you have questions about what  counts as fanart vs original content (in some cases, fanart is so distant from the  source material that we WILL allow it to be considered original), please feel free to  contact AA staff for assistance BEFORE applying. ( artist.alley@nekocon.com )  

Artist Alley Application Dates 

2022 Pro-row applications: March 1st-7th 

Pro-row applications are JURIED only, not first come first serve.  Acceptance letters will begin March 14th. 

Payments are made through EventBrite, links will be provided if your app is  accepted. 

Payment is due by June 1st. 

2022 Standard AA Applications: March 14th-28th 

Standard AA tables are awarded through lottery only, not first come first serve. Acceptance letters will begin April 1st. 

Payments are made through EventBrite, links will be provided if your app is  accepted. 

Payment is due by June 1st.

AA Table Prices 

REGULAR Table Cost (1 badge included): $135 

PRO PROW Table Cost (1 badge included): $220 


Full Membership is required, there will be an option on your table registration to add  1 additional AA badge for your tablemate / assistant at a discounted price.  Only 2 people may be behind a table at any time, and only 2 AA badges maximum  will be provided per table.  


Electricity is not provided by the convention in the AA, to any tables. You may apply for electricity usage through the HRCC website

Rules are subject to change; advance notice of changes may not be possible. 

Day Artist Set-Up Open Hours Artist Take-Down
Thursday 6pm –   9pm N/A N/A
Friday 10am – 12pm 12pm – 8pm 8pm – 8:30pm
Saturday 9am –   10am 10am – 8pm 8pm – 8:30pm
Sunday 9am –   10am 10am – 4pm 4pm – 6pm

Check-in deadline Friday 11am. 

After this time, if you have not checked-in to the AA, your table will be considered  forfeit, and will be offered to other artists in the waiting list. Refunds will not be  available for forfeit tables. Leniency may be given if you contact AA staff  immediately if there may be a small delay.  

Tables in the Artist Alley are not required to remain open during all hours. Please  feel free to take a break, eat, or close early if you need to. 

Artist Alley Rules 

Badges and Check-in 

  • Additional Artist Alley tables at the door are -VERY- limited. Please pre register! 
  • Artists will pick up their badges from the AA check-in booth located at the  front of Hall B. 
  • This badge acts as your convention badge, do not lose it!
  • Your badge must be displayed at all times. 
  • Only those with AA badges are allowed to sell and sit behind tables at any  given time. 
  • Anyone who does not have an AA badge, may not enter, or leave Hall B  before, or after hours. 
  • Badges are non-transferable, and non-refundable. 
  • Artists are NOT allowed to enter the Artist Alley until it is open for set-up  when staff arrive.  

Tables and Splitting 

  • Tables are non-transferable, and non-refundable. 
  • Each standard AA space includes 1 6 ft. table, and 2 chairs 
  • You may not bring your own table to use in a standard AA space. Only full tables are sold. Splitting tables is allowed, but the applicant is held  100% accountable for the entire table, and all of its occupants. If a rule is violated by either party, both may be removed as a whole. The AA map can display up to 2 artist names (exp: Rhasputin / SkullCat  Studios). 
  • A Maximum of 2 people may be behind a table at a time. 
  • You are solely responsible for watching your table. Nekocon will not be  responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. If you need to leave for any  reason, please find someone you trust to watch your space, or pack your  belongings. 

Standard AA tables are selected via lottery. 

  • You must provide a portfolio with your application. Ideally, a website, gallery,  and photos of previous set-ups should be provided. 

Age Requirement 

  • In order to purchase a table of any kind in the Artist Alley, the artist must be  18 years of age by the check-in date. 

No sales outside of specified areas 

  • There is no selling outside of Artist Alley, Club Row, or Exhibitions Hall. Any  attempt to makes sales outside of the specified vendor areas, may result in  your badge being revoked. 

Alcohol and Drug use

  • Use of alcohol or drugs in AA will NOT be tolerated! Anyone found breaking  this rule will be immediately removed, and their badge will be revoked. Absolutely NO smoking/vaping/e-cigarettes in the hotel or Convention  Center. 

Behavior and Conduct 

  • Do not post ads, flyers, business cards, etc anywhere inside of the convention  center, other than clearly marked posting areas. 
  • No running, screaming, yelling, use of obscene language, horseplay, etc will be  tolerated inside the AA. 
  • Any issues or disputes should immediately be brought to the attention of the  Artist Alley Department Head or other Artist Alley staff members. While in Artist Alley, all convention, Local, State and Federal rules and laws  are in effect. 

Copyright and Fanart 

  • There is a strict 50$ maximum fanart policy for all tables. You may not display  more than 50% fanart (to be determined by staff) at any time. Works  depicting real people, and gijinka (humanized versions of official licensed  characters) count towards your fanart total.  
  • There is NO item crossover between the Exhibitions Hall, Club Row, or Artist  Alley allowed. You will need to pick which area your work will be sold in and  keep them there throughout the remaining weekend (including collaborative  works). 
  • No third-party sales are permitted in Artist Alley. Each artist should be selling  their own work, not that of other people. Collaborative works, where multiple  artists worked on a single project, are acceptable so long as the artist selling  contributed to the final item being sold. 
  • Absolutely NO traced, or stolen works will be allowed in AA. Artist found  selling traced or stolen works may be removed, and have their badges  revoked. 
  • If your work uses parts from the work of other artists (collage, up-cycle, etc)  and there is no written permission of free use by the copyright owner, it’s not  allowed in the AA. 
  • Absolutely NO copyrighted / trademarked material such as logos, symbols, or  icons are allowed in any form to be sold in the AA. This includes NekoCon’s  title, logo, and mascots (Trademark of NekoCon and Event Support Solutions  inc) 

Copyright and Fair Use Information.

  • Permitted for sale in Artist Alley: 

DVDs, calendars, drawings, watercolor, paintings, prints, comics/manga,  doujinshi, zines, sketches, cel art, pins, buttons, posters, CDs, books, t-shirts  and other clothing, bags, bookmarks, cards, games, etched glass,  pins/buttons, posters, face painting, models, ears/tails, jewelry, costumes,  custom plushies, props, lolita, origami… 

  • NOT permitted in the Artist Alley: 

Duplication/reproduction of licensed material. 

Food or drink items or any kind, for sale. 

Re-selling of commercial products. (store bought merchandise) 

Metal or wooden weapons. (soft material cosplay props ok) 

Bootlegging or piracy. 

Garage sale / off-topic items. 

Flammable items. 

Convection ovens. (Baking charms, sculptures, etc) 


Adult Content 

  • NekoCon is a family-oriented convention. No adult materials may be openly  displayed, including sexually suggestive, sexually explicit, graphic, violent,  gore, or otherwise grossly offensive imagery. 
  • Adult material must be covered and labeled as 18+. Covered means that the  explicit bits are concealed behind some sort of blocker: stickers, Post-it  notes, masking tape, sheets of paper, etc. Before the Artist can sell, show, or  be commissioned for adult material, the Artist MUST make sure the viewer  shows proof of being 18 years of age or older. This is solely the responsibility  of the artist. 

Space usage, and Display 

  • Noise Restriction- Be courteous to your fellow artists next to and nearby your  table. Noise from music, videos, and chatter should be kept at a reasonable  level. Warnings will be issued, and refusal to comply may result in removal  from the AA. 
  • Display Height Restriction- All displays must be secured and stable. For  safety reasons, Artists with wobbling or falling displays will be asked to take  them down. Likewise, displays that go beyond the horizontal/vertical  boundaries of the table or impede on other artist’s space will be asked to be  removed. Height restrictions are in place at the max of 8” from the floor. 
  • Use of behind-table space- Tables that form the corner can use the blank  space between the two so long as both artists are in agreement. But be  mindful, if there is a complaint, you will be asked to reduce or remove items 

from the corner space. Entrances/Exits into the Islands may NOT be blocked  in any way. Tables flanking these areas cannot have anything protruding out  from the open side of the display that may impede artist foot traffic. 


Pro-row tables are selected via jury 

  • This means that your portfolio will be reviewed by a jury of staff members,  and applicants will be selected based on technical skill, medium, quality of  display, etc. The goal is to populate Pro- row with diverse mediums, and high quality works. Anyone may apply for a Pro-row space, regardless. Each pro-row space is provided with 1 8ft table, and 2 chairs. 
  • The 50% maximum fanart rule applies here as well. Typically, a higher  percentage of original works vs fanart is preferred for pro-row. 

Violations of AA Rules 

  • If an Artist/Studio is found to have violated any of the Artist Alley rules or any  convention rules, Artist Alley Staff reserves the right to remove said artist(s)  from their table without refund. Likewise, if an artist is found to have lied or  misrepresented themselves during the application process, the artist(s) may  be denied a table/removed from their table without recompense at the Artist  Alley Department Head’s & Con Chair’s discretion. 

Contacting the Artist Alley Department 

  • Before contacting the Artist Alley Department, please check the F.A.Q.  section and see if your question has been answered there already. The  department can be reached via email at artist.alley@nekocon.com

Trash and clean up 

  • ALL TABLES are required to clean up after themselves. There are a number  of trash cans available inside the hall, as well as a full-sized dumpster just  outside the bay door available for use. There is –no- excuse for leaving a mess  behind at your table, or anywhere else in the building, and doing so may result  in us not accepting you in the future. Your daily trash should be cleaned up,  and should not interfere with other tables. Your Sunday evening trash needs  to be cleared ENTIRELY before you depart.