Friday Night Dance: Night of Lights

Friday 11pm-2am in Main Events

Friday Night Lineup:

11:00pm-11:45pm: Hazmat

11:45pm-12:30am: Steven Dotson

12:30am-1:15am: Rewilder

1:15am-2:00am: Que


Hazmat does not follow strict guidelines. He mixes toxic genres while collecting energy samples from the crowd to build his sets. You can find him at clubs around the area like 37th and Zen and Peabody’s. So put on your mask, sanitize and wash your hands cause you’re about to get contaminated.

Steven Dotson

Steven Dotson’s career is the culmination of a lifetime of deejaying around the club scene observing people react, and making people move. He has toured the United States twelve, electrifying party people with an infectious showmanship, a crowd-commanding presence, and a musical palette so broad, he relates to everyone within his reach, uniting all dance floors with high energy.


Rewilder has roots deep into a diverse spectrum of music. He draws influences from a combination of techno, trance, electro, and hard dance. You can expect a wide variety of relentless beats with a touch of pure euphoric melodies. He draws influence from labels such as: “Rave Alert” , “The Funky Cat” , “mau5trap” , and “QULT.”
Founder of Neorave Nation, his goal is to provide a community to welcome first generation ravers into the scene.


Born and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia, Que has been an active DJ in the area since May 2014. After learning from several DJ’s in the area. He has played at several local conventions such as Anime Mid-Atlantic, Ring of Fire, FursonaCon, and NekoCon and such local establishments as 37th and Zen, Peabodys, Chemistry, Central 111, and Empire. More known for his House and Top 40 Remixes, Que has been known to expand his range just to get the crown going so that everyone there can enjoy themselves and have a great time.



In 2014 the NekoCon world experienced the first Spike lead Neko Dance Party event. Since that day, the Neko Dances have never been quite the same!

Spike brings his years of experience, from the LA Club Kids to the London Fetish Balls to the 757 Goth Clubs and Theatre scenes, and has created one of the most popular events at NekoCon as well as one of the most talked about events on the East Coast Convention scene.

Dance Rules

  • Props such as hula hoops, light wands, LED staves up to 6-feet, light sabers or similar props will be allowed, but only in a pre-designated location within the dance. This will be at the discretion of our staff and we reserve the right to reject any props we may deem as unsafe.
  • Masks covering the lower half of the face will be allowed, however our staff may ask you to lower it at any time. Full faced masks or helmets will not be allowed.
  • We understand your need to rest, however, please do not sit or lie down on the floor of the dance.
  • No bags are allowed in the dance, unless it is a proven medical bag that you do need to have on you.
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the dance. There will be water stations both inside and outside of the dance so you can stay hydrated.
  • No glow sticks on strings or similar items on strings will be allowed. Glow sticks are most certainly welcome, they just cannot be on strings. Strings can be worn, but not swung. You will be warned 2 times if we see you swinging anything on strings, on the third time, you will be asked to leave. Light wands are the only exception to this rule, due to the controlled nature of the prop. We still reserve the right to ask you to put it away if we find any actions you take with the light wand unsafe.
  • Break dancing will be allowed in a designated area. Outside of that designated area, it will not be allowed and feet cannot go above the thighs while dancing.
  • Dancing on NekoCon equipment will result in automatic ejection from the dance for the night.
  • Any drug use or suspected drug use can result in an automatic ejection from the dance and from the convention.
  • Harassing the performers on stage or climbing the stage without expressed permission will result in automatic ejection from the dance and possibly from the convention.
  • Sexual harassment, misconduct, or any sort of physical assault towards anyone will not be tolerated and can result in ejection from the convention.
  • Cameras/recording will be allowed during the dance, but at your own risk.
  • NekoCon and ESSI reserve the right to change these rules at any time for any reason.