Guest Announcement – Su Liu

NekoCon is proud to announce Su Liu as a guest!

Su has been in the video game industry for nearly 10 years. She had her start at Double Fine Productions, working on titles like Broken Age. She later moved over to Riot Games where she spent seven-and-a-half years working on League of Legends and Riots Esports infrastructures. She is now currently working at Mojang studios as a Senior Technical Program Manager.

Guest Announcement – Chris Harada

NekoCon is proud to announce Chris Harada as a Guest!

Chris Harada is a video game industry veteran, currently working as a Director in Online Engagement. Having worked in games, tech, and e-commerce, Harada has developed a background building strong relationships in game development, community, and media. He has shipped a total of nine titles across North America and Europe, working on marketing campaigns with both U.S. and Japanese teams. His goal is to help as many passionate individuals as possible, to go for their dreams and make it into the entertainment industry.

Guest Announcement – Snap Plastic Studios

NekoCon is proud to announce Snape Plastic Studios as a guest. 

Hello there! My name is Thomas but you can call me Snap! I’ve been building, modifying, and painting plastic model kits for the better part of a decade. In that time I’ve learned a ton of useful tips and tricks that I’m always excited to share.

Guest Announcement – Sarah Anne Williams

NekoCon 2023 is proud to announce Sarah Anne Williams as a guest!

Sarah Anne Williams was born in Indiana, USA. She is an actress, known for Demon Slayer (19-23), Fire Emblem (17-23), Hello Kitty & Friends (20-22), Hello Kitty Super Style, Monster Prom (18-22), Kill La Kill (13-14), Rent A Girlfriend, Hyperdimension Neptunia VG (11-22), Komi Can’t Communicate, Mieruko-Chan, Edens Zero, Final Fantasy (15-21), Shin Megami Tensi (20), Sword Art Online (12-20), Enchantimals, Boruto (17-19), Persona (16-17), Pokémon Masters (19), Five Nights at Freddy’s (15-19), Dragon Star Varnir, Dragon Ball Z (18), Barbie Dreamtopia (16-18), Kakegurui, Berserk, Little Witch Academia, Disney Stitch & Ai, Naruto (17), Valkyria Revolution, Handa-Kun, Barbie (16), Asterisk War, Street Fighter (16), RAIDEN (16), TOME (11-15), Ai Tenchi Muyo (14), Hunter X Hunter (13-14), Nagi-Asu, Accel World (12-16), Puella Magi Madoka Magica (11-13), League of Legends, Touhou (04-05), Sailor Moon (96-97) @sarahannewillia