Guest Announcement – Karen Strassman

We are pleased to announce Actress Karen Strassman to Nekocon 2023!

Karen Strassman was born in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. She is an actress, known for The Onania Club, Mayans M.C. (2018) and The Rookie (2018).Ginji (21-22), Fire Emblem (12-22), Mayans MC (21), World of Warcraft (07-20), Ghost in the Shell (20), Tales of Runterra (20), Persona (07-18), Resident Evil (07-20), Pokémon (19), Sonic the Hedgehog (10-19), Wolfstein (17-19), Mobile Suit Gundam (11-19), Cells at Work (18-19), Code Gaess, Lupin, DC Super Hero Girls (15-16), GodEater (10-15), Dead or Alive (06-15), Ever After High, Berserk, Street Fighter (12-14), Monster High (10-15), Mortal Kombat (11-15), JoJos Bizarre Adventure (12-14), Hunter X Hunter, Final Fantasy (07-13), Naruto (05-13), Winx Club (10-12), Huntik (09-12), Hellsing (09-12), Bleach (05-12), Castlevania (07-10), EverQuest (04-07), Sakura Wars (96-04), Sailor Moon (92-93)

Guest Announcement – David Adkins

We are proud to announce Author David Adkins as a guest to Nekocon 2023!

Renowned Award-winning Fantasy Author. he took a simple hiatus to finish his first horror novel which is looking to be a movie in production next year. Sons of Solistar, his first series, is in the top 900 of online book sales, and is responsible for leading him into a fan base of thousands across the nation, and his new series And We Were Gods is looking to possibly be another television series in the near future.

Craftsmanship Judge Announcement – Liliana Itami

Nekocon is happy to welcome Liliana Itami to Nekocon 2023 as a craftsmanship judge! 

Liliana has been doing conventions since 2001 but has been designing and sewing costumes for much longer. She has a BFA in fashion design with experience in costume and makeup design for theater. Not only is she a designer, but a makeup artist and model as well. Her favorite things are clean lines and good ironing, as well as when the outside looks as good as the inside.

Craftsmanship Judge Announcement – Theol Phenom

NekoCon is pleased to welcome Thel Phenom as a craftsmanship judge at Nekocon 2023! 

Thel Phenom discovered cosplay in 2008, going on to make her first costume that same year, then entering her first cosplay contest in 2010. From those humble beginnings, she has since won major accolades in both craftsmanship and performance. She prides herself on being a cosplayer of many genres. She enjoys hosting panels and group photoshoots, and helped organize and host an idol festival from 2018-2020. Outside of conventions, she enjoys video games, theater, and K-pop.