AMV Contest

Hello all! It’s time to rev up those editing machines and get ready for the NekoCon 2023 AMV Contest! Like always we thank any and all editors who submit. Your time and effort is always appreciated and we love seeing what you can come up with! <3

Now onto the fun stuff..!

Categories for the contest are as follows:


You may submit up to 3 videos, to 3 separate categories.

We do ask that your video submissions be made AFTER November 2021!

Submission guidelines and rules are as follows:

1) This should go without saying, but plagiarism will NOT be tolerated! Any attempt to submit the work belonging to anyone other than yourself will result in you being BLACKLISTED PERMANENTLY!!!

2) We prefer entries to be submitted in a .mp4 format (no quicktime, please) and with a 720p to 1080p resolution. This ensures quality for you and the contest.

3)PLEASE ONLY submit your video with a valid GOOGLE DRIVE OR DROPBOX! If you submit any other way your submission will be viewed as null and void.

4)NO BUMPERS OR CREDITS permitted! We will provide title screens to introduce each entry for the finals. This includes editor names and video titles being placed before, after, or anywhere in your video as well.

5) The contest IS PG-13, but the following excessive materials may not be allowed: blatant nudity, excessive blood with major dismemberment, overly foul language/lyrics, racial or verbal obscenities, and any form of suicide. Videos with content that is questionable will be put in a special screening to see if it’s acceptable for showing to a con audience.

6) That being said, we reserve the right to reject any video for any reason.

7) Submissions with significant audio or visual degradation, watermarks, logos (THIS INCLUDES ANIME TITLES), and Japanese-produced credits (ex opening and closing credits), or fan-produced (fansub) or licensed subtitles, will not be accepted and result in automatic disqualification. We will accept Japanese audio of an anime HOWEVER English audio is not allowed due to legalities.

8) Entries must be at least 1 minute in length and not to exceed 5 minutes, 30 seconds running time. They must contain at least 75% Japanese animation. We will not accept entries with ‘faux’ anime (ex: Castlevania, Blood of Zeus, Legend of Korra).

9) DVD copies of the contest will not be available due to legal concerns. The contest will also NOT be streamed for the same reasons.

Please submit through the following link! The deadline is OCTOBER 7TH AT 11:59PM EST.

If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected].
Happy Editing!