Health and Safety

Public Health Policy



While we encourage and permit attendees and staff to wear masks if they choose, they are NOT REQUIRED to be worn at the convention. Additionally, no vaccinations or negative disease tests are required for admission. Social distancing (6-feet between parties) is encouraged whenever possible but not required. Please remember to wash your hands frequently. Sanitizer Stations will be available around the convention center. If you are having difficulty locating sanitizer stations, please contact the nearest convention staff member. All staff and attendees are encouraged to take appropriate precautions if they feel any symptoms of potentially transmittable conditions. 


During a Public Health Event some rooms may have reduced occupancy, including Exhibits, Artist Alley, Panels, and Events depending on the prevailing public health situation. Some rooms may also require additional time between panels and events for sanitizing. Some rooms may also have floor arrows to reduce congestion in high traffic areas – please follow this recommended flow of traffic whenever possible. Please pay attention to any signage throughout the convention center for additional safety protocols for certain areas.


As always – only food bought and sold inside the HRCC can be consumed in the HRCC. For added precaution this year, food may only be consumed in the concessions area of Hall B or the vending areas. Staff/Exhibitors/Artists/Contractors may eat at their table location or in designated staff areas if they are unable to leave their stations for a break.


Respect the wishes of everyone at the convention – If someone asks you to  give them some space please do so. Do not harass anyone wearing a mask. Do not harass anyone not wearing a mask. Please find your nearest con-safety staffer (staff are identifiable by their vertically aligned badges) so they may address any issues or concerns. Anyone in violation, especially repeated violations, of health protocols, or any convention policies, may be subject to expulsion from the event without refund.

Tips for a Healthy and Happy NekoCon Weekend

The NekoCon staff hopes you enjoy yourself and get the most you can out of this weekend’s festivities. Here are a few tips to help prevent fatigue and convention stress from getting in the way of your fun:

  1. Rest and recharge

Sure, it’s tempting to stay up all night in the panel rooms or at the dance, but your body probably won’t thank you for it if you push yourself too hard. You will enjoy yourself at the convention more if you make sure to get enough sleep. And you’ll definitely want to be well-rested before you begin your long journey home at the end of the weekend. Also, despite popular belief, caffeine is not a substitute for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids, especially WATER

This helps lessen the stress of a long hard day of fun, and helps maintain the body’s chemical balance, which may be disrupted by fatigue. The convention center provides water dispensers in the hallways. Use them, and the water fountains, to your heart’s content. You may also carry water in your own water bottle or water container with a lid. Remember to take a break and rehydrate. The healthier you are, the happier we are!

  1. Check in with home from time to time

If you have someone at home who might be worried about you, don’t forget to call, text, or send a photo every so often to let them know you’re doing okay and having a great time!

  1. Eat SOLID meals

You would be surprised how often attendees (and staff ^^;;) forget to do this. “Solid meals” does not mean snack food and candy. It means something like a sandwich, salad, or other meal that will provide your body with the healthy fuel it needs to fully enjoy the weekend! Located within these pages is a handy map with local restaurants and other nifty places to eat. If you’re staying at a hotel, the concierge can help you find restaurants that offer delivery. You can also visit our maid cafe and host club in the Embassy Suites during their hours of operation.

Rule 621

One of the ways to easily remember these suggestions is something we like to call “Rule 621.” Every day, make sure you get at least:

6 hours of sleep

2 solid meals

1 shower

Following these simple tips will keep you rested, refreshed, and refueled throughout the weekend, making your convention experience more enjoyable. If you do feel as though the weekend is getting the better of you, or if more serious medical problems arise, please let a staff member know or visit the information desk for assistance.