Nekocon Ribbon Group Order for 2023!

This will be our 2nd year for the ribbon game at Nekocon!
What are Badge Ribbons?
Badge ribbons are colorful, often shiny, strips of fabric with a phrase printed on them and an adhesive strip to attach it to your badge or to another ribbon.
What is the Badge Ribbon Game?
An easy ice breaking way to interact with and meet new people. The goal is to find and collect as many ribbons as possible throughout the duration of the convention. This can be achieved by seeking out the “RIBBON DEALERS”, attending panels, photoshoots and meetups, or even just doing what you would normally do at con and unlocking a hidden achievement! 
There are a copy ways to be apart of the ribbon game at Nekocon 2023. You can be a Ribbon Gamer HelperOrder ribbons through our group orderhelp promo the ribbon gamebring your own ribbons, attend a ribbon game panel and meetups throughout the weekend.
Ribbon Game Helpers
Signups are OPEN NOW until July 31, 2023- SIGNUP HERE
  • We are recruiting Ribbon Game Helpers. For those that are interest in helping out we are looking for helpers with (pending panel), at all meetups and info booth (there are 3 shifts for Fri & Sun and 2 shifts for Sun).
For those of you that like to be a part of the ribbon game for Nekocon 2023 here is your chance to order your custom ribbons through our group rate.

We will be ordering our ribbons through Marco Promos– . Marco Promos is very friendly and reasonable in cost. I have ordered my ribbons from them for the past couple years and trust Marco Promos.

The ribbons are at 4″ X 1 5/8″ HORIZONTAL RIBBON – CUSTOM TITLE
  • Order Form goes live: Monday June 12, 2023
  • Order Form Closes on Friday September 8, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST you will received an email on payment information and confirmation information on your badge ribbon(s) submission after submissions close.
  • Payments are due on: Friday September 15, 2023 (Note: If I do not receive your by Friday September 15 then your order will not be placed.) Once all payments are released the order will be placed with Marco Promos. Art proofs from Marco Promos will be sent to me to share with you all for a quick approval or if there are any corrections made.\
  • Order Place with Marco Promos: Monday September 18, 2023

Group Order Form 

Just give you all example on how pricing works through Marco Promos. The minimum of ribbons that can be order for the group rate of $0.18 per ribbon would based on an over all 2500+ ribbons order otherwise the rate would be $0.19 per ribbon. But you do not have to stick with just 100 ribbons you are welcome to order more.
To break the cost- the $0.18 x 100 ribbons with a one time $15 setup design fee per ribbon. The total cost would be $33.

These amounts are based on 1 ribbon design with the set up fee.
100 = $33
150 = $42
200 = $51
250 = $60
For those that are re ordering their ribbons from another order. You do not have to pay the $15 setup design fee per ribbon unless you are ordering a new ribbon for the first time.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s designs!
If you need help with designing your ribbons feel free to ask with the Facebook Group or send an email to [email protected] with “Nekocon Badge Ribbon Game Inquiry Question” in the subject line.

Be sure to post within the Nekocon Ribbon Game Facebook Group 

Margaret Tyler
Nekocon 2023 Ribbon Game Department Head Coordinator

Cameron Varney
Nekocon 2023 Ribbon Game Coordinator Assistant