Akiko is one of our mascots who was introduced in 2009 along with Miyoko and Takeo. Akiko, which means “autumn child” was named by one of our fans, Christina Webb.

2013-akikoBirthday: June 6
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Cat Breed: Tabby Domestic Short Hair
Blood: Type B
Favorite Color: Orange
Hobby: Plays the guitar, composes music, street hockey, and roller blading
Favorite Food: Fish (sushi, yum!)
Least Favorite Food: Carrots and peas
Favorite Gemstone: Tiger’s eye
Favorite subject: Gym and music
Worst subject: History
Advantages: Cheerful, adventurous, optimistic
Disadvantages: Disorganized, spontaneous, forgetful
Dream: To be an epic musician…or hockey player.

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