Remember when you were a kid and you used to run around and pretend you were a dinosaur or an astronaut? LARP is simply that, but we’ve got some rules in place to keep things in order (so your brother doesn’t show up as Godzilla and destroy your space shuttle without any repercussions), and allow you to play as your favorite manga, anime, sentai, and limited video game characters for a weekend.

The NekoCon LARP focuses on getting up and moving around, but otherwise works like a standard tabletop RPG. Playing as a character of your choosing from our extensive database of characters from anime and manga, you’ll take part in a three-day storyline that our imaginative staff have written up. Be it playing as Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z and taking part in a hot dog eating contest, Erin from Attack on Titan trying to hunt for treasure, or playing as Sailor Moon and trying to become the Junior Prom Queen, every year promises a new story and a new adventure for our players. Instead of using dice to resolve actions, we use the Nexus system, which is based on rock, paper, scissors. It’s very easy to pick up, and we welcome new players every year to our already growing group of attendees. The beauty of the NekoCon LARP is that you can play as much or as little as you’d like over the course of the weekend… So whether you’re looking for a brief con distraction or looking to sink your teeth into our delicious plot, stop on by! We’re always looking for fresh meat, er… new players.

Even if you’re shy or don’t know what a LARP is really like in practice, please feel free to stop by our event room and see how we do things. We love having people ask questions, and they usually end up playing in our game. If there is a character you’ve always wanted to pretend to be (whether you’re in cosplay or not), chances are we have a character sheet of them. Don’t be afraid, if anything LARP has piqued your interest, come by our room and see what we’re all about. Reading about it won’t do justice to seeing the fun in person!

Nekocon LARP 2024 Character Reservation

OPENS JUNE 9, 2024

Reservation will be handled with our online system, which has again been upgraded.

To reserve a character you will follow these steps.

1. Go to

  1. Sign in with the account that you wish to use to reserve your character.

  2. You will now be asked to both put in your name (for official records) and the name you want to be referred to by on the public reg list. Please take these seriously, as we use them for official purposes. Inappropriate reference names may result in a registration being removed.

  3. Select the NekoLARP 2024 Event.

  4. Scroll through the list to find the SERIES your character is in, and click on it. A list of available characters from this series should appear. If no characters are listed, it means the series is generally approved, but no characters are yet made.

  5. Select the character you wish to play.
    5a. If the character is available, click on it, and you will be automatically registered for it, and taken to the reserved character list. There is NO confirmation pop up, but you should receive a confirmation email.
    5b. If the character has a name next to it, it is already taken, and you must choose another character.
    5c. Only one character may be reserved per person. Each reservation must also have a unique e-mail address associated with it. Multiple people may not reserve characters using the same e-mail address. We note that if this is attempted, only one of the reservations will be allowed to remain on the list

  6. If your character is not listed click on the New Character Request tab at the top. This will take you to a form you must complete to request the character.
    6a. Please take the request for a brief description of who the character is and why you want to play it seriously. This will help us determine who the character is, whether it can be made, and how to design the sheet best.
    6b. No hentai characters or characters based on non-Asian pop culture works will be allowed. The GMs retain sole discretion as to whether a character is allowable.
    6c We will try to respond to any request for a non-listed character as soon as possible. We will try to accommodate all requests for non-listed characters. However the GMs may deny otherwise acceptable character requests if they do not believe they will be able to make the character in time for the LARP. Please have a backup in mind if you request a non-listed character.
    6d Video Game characters will only be accepted if a sheet is already made for them. Otherwise we will not be able to accept an application for them at this time.

  7. You may change your character at any time up until when registration closes by simply clicking on a new character. This will change your character and take you to the reserve list. However, once reservation closes, you will not be able to change your character without GM permission. Further, we do not guarantee that your request for the new character will be successful, and you may not be able to return to your original character if it gets taken.

  8. At any time, you can check the current list of reserved characters by clicking on the “Registered” tab up top.