Costume Policy

  1. If you have any questions regarding Nekocon policies or feel the need to report something or someone, please seek out your nearest Nekocon staff member, who can be identified by their vertically aligned STAFF badge.  They will assist you with getting to Nekocon Con Safety staff. The staff at Nekocon recognizes that many people attending anime conventions, and Nekocon in particular, are here to enjoy a good time and show off their hard work on costumes and their love for their favorite characters. We have a policy in place to ensure that everyone entering our convention can remain safe as well have a great time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please email [email protected]  .
  2. All attendees with props are subject to the Nekocon Weapons Policy. Please familiarize yourself with that policy as well as your prop may be required to be peace bound by Nekocon Con Safety staff or Info Desk staff.  A member of staff will review the rules with you briefly and have you place a zip tie on your prop if it falls under one of the required categories. Failure to abide by the rules at any time may result in removal from the convention without refund.

  3. The lack of a costume is not a costume (i.e. only wearing a nude bodysuit). Similarly, only wearing a towel wrapped around you or only wearing under garments is also not a costume. We have no problem with risqué costumes, however please keep the following in mind when planning, designing, and constructing your costumes:
    • You may be required to wear a nude bodysuit under your costume if your costume would be considered inappropriate for a family friendly convention or if the convention center staff feels it violates their image. We encourage any cosplayer that has a question about this policy to contact our Cosplay Staff before the convention dates; or have a bodysuit available to them at the convention if there are any issues.  The Help Desk will assist you if you have any questions at the convention.
    • There will be minors present at the convention and not every parent is ok with their child seeing excessive amounts of skin. Please remember this is a family friendly event.
    • There will be hundreds of people taking pictures at Nekocon. Those pictures will most likely end up displayed on the internet across any number of social media platforms and/or websites.  Anything you do not wish the world to see should remain covered.
    • Intentional flashing of any kind (even if you are wearing a full flesh colored bodysuit) may result in immediate removal from the convention and the Hampton Roads Convention Center property.
    • Nekocon and Event Support Solutions, Inc. (ESSI) takes harassment of any sort very seriously, to include harassment of cosplayers. Violators caught taking inappropriate pictures of anyone in the convention without their explicit consent shall be ejected from the convention. Violators may also be turned over to the Hampton Roads Police Division should the victim wish to prosecute.  Anyone ejected for this reason may result in an indefinite ban from Nekocon and/or all ESSI events.
    • The convention floor and public areas are not changing rooms, do not remove your clothing or change costumes in open space, there are bathrooms located in the convention center if you do not have a room to change in.
    • Please keep in mind Nekocon occurs in November and that it is possible that cold weather will be imminent during the event. If staff and volunteers from Event Support Solutions, Inc., Nekocon and/or the Hampton Roads Convention Center deem that your costume may be unsafe for weather conditions we may suggest that you change into more appropriate clothing.
    • If the structural engineering of your costume is not enough to keep the “girls” or “boys” firmly in place we may ask you to change into a different costume. Remember it is okay to use flesh colored tops and bottoms in the construction of your costume. The chest area must not be unreasonably exposed. Nipples must be always covered; this applies to all genders.
    • Cosplays involving a skintight outfit are strongly recommended to wear a cup or some other type of supportive device. If we can clearly identify the “boys”, “girls”, or other naughty bits we will ask you to change your costume.
    • Roller skates, rollerblades and “heely shoes” shall not be worn on convention center property.
    • Roller skates and rollerblades may not be worn inside the convention center. In addition, stilts may only be worn on the first floor unless staff and volunteers from Event Support Solutions, Inc., Nekocon and/or the Hampton Roads Convention Center deem that you may pose a danger to yourself or other convention attendees.
    • Body paint and dried liquids (i.e. fake blood) are allowed as part of your costume but must be properly sealed so it does not rub off. This is to prevent damage of convention property as well as the clothing of other attendees. If we see you are making a mess you shall be asked to leave.

  4. Masks may be worn by attendees with the following exceptions:
    •  Masks may not impair your vision. Staff and volunteers from Event Support Solutions, Inc. (ESSI), Nekocon and/or the Hampton Roads Convention Center may ask to inspect your mask to verify that it does not impair your vision. If it is determined that your mask impairs your vision you shall not be allowed to continue wearing your mask. If you continue to wear your mask after this determination has been made it may result in removal from the convention. The only exception is if you wish to carry around your mask and put it on and off to pose for pictures.
    • If at any time for any reason any staff and volunteers from Event Support Solutions, Inc., Nekocon and/or the Hampton Roads Convention Center ask you to remove your mask you must do so immediately. Failure to do so may result in removal from the convention.

  5. Staff will attempt to give advance notice for any events that specifically prohibit full-face cosplay masks. The following events/locations may require such:
    • Both the Friday and Saturday night dances.
    • Any concerts.

  6. Any costume over eight (8) feet in length or width or weighing sixty (60) pounds or more is considered an obstruction, and may even be considered a weapon by size alone, even if it does not meet other qualifications. If any costume approaches the limits of either of these limitations, please expect and ensure regular communication with the staff at the convention and warn the staff of the presence of this costume prior to the convention in person and/or via the contact form on the website.

  7. Please note that Nekocon Costume Policy rules may be subject to change before, during, or after the convention, and changes may be made with or without advance notice or written notification depending on the dynamic of the convention. All updates will be provided as soon as possible to the public, but any immediate changes implemented by senior staff shall be immediate and binding to the current convention period. 

  8. Failure to follow any of Nekocon rules may result in removal from the convention without refund.

  9. The decisions of the Convention Chairman/Vice-Chairman are final.

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