NekoCon 2023 Public Photoshoots



Submissions OPEN on Monday June 26, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST
Submission CLOSE on Friday October 13 ,2023 by 11:59 PM EST in order for events to be printed on the schedule. After submissions are closed, the host will be contacted with general information regarding photoshoots.

Be sure to remember these first few steps:

  1. Please take the moment to read through the Rules & Policies
  2. Talk among your fellow cosplayers about times, locations and day(s).
  3. Choose a host person who would like to host the public photoshoot. This person would be the one filling out the submission form.
  4. When you’re ready please make your way over to the submission form
  5. Feel free to create an event page within the Facebook group or share your Facebook event page. Please make the Facebook event page public for others to view and post within the event page. If you need help creating a Facebook event page. 

For those wondering what photoshoots have been submitted. There is a viewable web version photoshoot schedule that is updated regularly. If anyone has any questions they can reach out to the Photoshoot Department Heads at [email protected]

We are recruiting for Photoshoot Staff Helpers. If anyone is interested in helping out this year. PLEASE email Margaret at [email protected] .
If anyone has any questions please direct all your messages to [email protected]. Margaret work’s full time Mon-Fri, so she will be checking messages on the weekends.
We look forward to working with you at Nekocon 2023!
Margaret Tyler
Nekocon Public Photoshoot Department Head

[email protected]

Sebastian Creager
Nekocon Public Photoshoot Assistant Coordinator