Neko Idol Performance Spotlight

Mic Check 1,2! Are you ready for the show? Grab your penlights and raise them high to support our amazing performers at NekoCon’s first ever Idol Festival! Join us for a must see two hour event of singing, dancing, and wotagei at Neko Idol Festival 2023! Featuring our hosts: CELESTIA and Strawberry Skies as Candy Kingdom! Mascot Art: @d.mon.tea Logo Art: @kagarin.cos

Guest Announcement – David Trosko

NekoCon is proud to announce David Trosko as a guest this year!

Best known for his roles in Attack on Titan (13-22), My Hero Academia (17-21), Hetalia (09-21), Black Clover (17-21), Fairy Tail (09-19), Sakura Quest (17), All Out (16-17), Black Butler (17), One Piece (01-16), Assassination Classroom (15-16), Laughing Under the Clouds, Free!, Dragonar Academy (14), Darker than Black (07-09), Birdy the Mighty: Decode (08-09), Claymore, School Rumble (04-06), Dragonball (95)

Guest Announcement – Erin Lundquist

NekoCon is proud to announce Erin Lundquist as a guest!

Saint Cecilia & Pastor Lawrence, Duper Suits, High Heat (22), Go Buster!, AFK Arena: Just Esperia Things, My Time at Sandrock, Lore Olympus, Storm Chasers, Zenith: The Last City, Fallout The Frontier, One Shots: D&D Character Podcast, Legends of Middle Earth.