Featured Panelists

Action Arcade

Starting out at ROFCon in 2014, Action Arcade was founded by Proto
Jiff. Action Arcade has been providing panel and programming
entertainment ever since at events like Nekocon, ROFCon, FursonaCon,
AnimeUSA, Katsucon and Station Unity. The group views games as a step
ladder, finding unique and new ways to play them; their content
including heckling, sabotages, and other challenges. Programming they
provide normally ranges from Top 10 panels, Speed Runs, tournaments,
debate panels, and social style events like singalong dance parties
and gaming social hours.

Action Arcade‘s head team has been providing industry support to
multiple companies for the better part of the last decade in addition
to their programming at the events. The group advises conventions for
starting up, maintaining, and growth in order to make sure that the
conventions continue to be a success. Their specialties range from
general startup, publishing, marketing, web design, portal
programming, Human Resources, budget management, and much much more.

The group can easily be contacted at any of their social media or email below:




[email protected]


A convention veteran of nearly 20 years, Koi (HistoriKoi Cosplay) has been providing quality programming for nearly all of it. She has given panels at cons such as NekoCon, ROFCon, Anime Mid-Atlantic, and AnimeUSA over the years, to name a few. Her programming stems from her love of mentoring new con goers and her passion for history with notable titles including “Convention Etiquette”; and “The American History Behind Assassin’s Creed III”.
Outside of conventions, Koi works in the museum field and has served as a visiting lecturer to several historic sites. Her goal is for attendees of her panels to double over from laughter (while maybe also learning something new)!