Touhou Project

Touhou Project – A Fan Driven Games Series Like No Other

The Touhou Road Shou is back at Nekocon with the full complement of games from Touhou Project! Originally organized by Henry Sinnett and James Woods in Portland, Maine, the Road Shou Team led by Henry and his partner Jennifer Sapphire are proud to present the full experience for all to enjoy. Challenge your friends in the newest Bullet Hell versus game, “Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost.” Or, if fighting games are more your cup of tea, go head to head in the latest fighting game “Antimony of Common Flowers” or try the classic “Touhou Hisoutensoku.” We also have multiple fan games, from puzzle games to platformers.

Touhou Project is a series of games, manga, music CDs, and other works made by Team Shanghai Alice. This group is a one-man show run by a man who goes by the pseudonym ZUN. He’s been producing works in the series and collaborating with other artists to bring his vision to life for the last 25 years. Even though he’s a married man with a growing family, he’s not showing signs of stopping the production of the works that make up his expansive world. His understanding attitude about the use of his IP has led to a huge amount of spin-off and fan works that range from over 4,000 albums inspired by music from his games to reams of manga and doujinshi based on his characters and plots, along with fan games that bring a new twist to classic series like Mario, Castlevania, and Megaman. We’re a team of fans who have brought PCs showcasing the games of Touhou Project to Nekocon, and we invite you all to come play! We’re happy to welcome newbies to the fandom and encourage veterans to show off their skills. Come and see why the Guinness Book of World Records largest fan driven series is beloved the world over!