Video Gaming

Hours of Operation
Friday 11am – 1am
Saturday 11am – 1am
Sunday 11am – 3pm

General Video Game Room Rules

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in your expulsion from the Video Game Room and/or NekoCon.

Be a good sport: Share the games and no cheating.

Keep it clean: Keep all food and drink away from the games, and throw away any trash in proper receptacles.

NekoCon is not responsible for your stuff: Please keep an eye on your personal belongings, and leave any valuables in a safe place like your hotel room. Any found items will be taken to lost and found at the Info Desk.

Walk, don’t run: There are a lot of cables and delicate equipment, and we don’t want anyone to trip or crash into anything.

Do not mess with the equipment: If something (i.e. console, controller, TV, etc.) isn’t working properly, please inform one of the Video Game Room staffers. Do not tamper with or attempt to fix any hardware yourself. If you are found in violation of this rule you may be held liable for any damages incurred.

Personal Controllers: The use of personal controllers is prohibited. To check out a controller, please see the Video Game Room staff at the main table near the Video Game Room entrance.

Wireless Controllers: To check out a wireless controller (i.e. Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, etc.) please see a Video Game Room staffer at the main table near the Video Game Room entrance. Picture identification (i.e. military ID, state driver’s license/permit, etc.) and your NekoCon badge will be required to check out a controller. When you are finished, please return the controller to the main table to receive your ID and NekoCon badge. PLEASE double check before you leave that you have the correct ID and badge. We request that you sanitize your hands prior to receiving a controller and after turning a controller in.

Sharing Controllers: We don’t recommend passing controllers off to other players. You will be held responsible if the controller goes missing while loaned out in your name. If someone wishes to use your controller when you are finished, please take them with you to the main desk so that we can issue it in their name.

Tournaments:  This year our tournaments will be held in their own room. Make sure to visit the Video Game Tournament Room to view and sign up for a tournament! Sign ups will be available in the tournament area on the day the tournament is held (unfortunately we do not allow sign ups for future days tournaments – i.e. you cannot sign up for Saturday tournaments on Friday). System information will be provided at sign up. The tournament schedule is subject to change with or without prior notice. Default button configuration will be used for all tournaments unless otherwise mentioned. Check out our schedule for the list of tournaments!

VR Zone

Join VR Zone with our Free to Play VR game room and experience all the fun and explore exciting worlds. Slice fruit, cook with friends or shoot some robots, the quest is yours! Learn more at


Twin Power Gaming

Supplying your events with awesome games! From Classic arcades like Ms Pacman, Dragon’s Lair, to Japanese rhythm games like DDR and Pop’n Music. No coins needed as all games are set to FREEPLAY. Be sure to check out the arcade section in the gameroom!