Contact Us: The goal of our website is to provide all the information you need on NekoCon. But sometime people have a question that can’t be answered on our site. If you need more information, or have specific questions about NekoCon, you can contact the convention staff with your questions.

Charity: We are proud to welcome back The Cat Corner, Inc. and the Carolina Manga Library as Nekocon’s Charities for the second year in a row!!

Artist Alley: The Artist Alley is a showcase for amateur, hobbyist, and up-and-coming professional artists to promote and sell their work. Applications for Pro Row will be available from March 1, 2021 to March 7, 2021.
Standard Table Applications will be open from March 14, 2021 to March 28, 2021.

Art Show: The Art show is a free-to-use area, where any artist may advertise or display their work, without having to purchase a table or booth. The purpose of the Art show it to allow artists with, or without a table, to present a sample of their work, to the con population, and drum up some extra interest! Art Show will be moved towards the back left side of Artist Alley this year.

Club Row: Clubs are a group of enthusiasts who are promoting their club. Along with flyers, giveaways and membership sign-ups, these table are restricted to selling items (e.g. t-shirt, buttons) that directly promote their club.

Exhibitors Hall (formerly Dealers Room/Vendors Hall): Have you been saving cash all year long in anticipation of finding some sweet deals? Well, get ready to part ways with that hard earned cash for the latest goodies in the Exhibitors Hall. Whether you’re looking for pocky and ramune, kimonos, video games, or that latest figure or plush, this is the place to be!

Press Access: Press interested in covering NekoCon should apply in advance.  Please read the requirements for the application carefully. If your application is missing anything, it will be denied.