“Mommy I’m bored!”

“Daddy there is nothing to do!”

For years this has been a cry for kids at NekoCon. Well, we’ve seen the tired faces, heard the cries and whines, and as the years have progressed we have experienced them ourselves. Welcome to Chibi Neko! This is a special place for the little ones to have a good time with kid friendly activities including arts and crafts, kid friendly videos, games, and special activities

specifically for those under 10 years of age throughout the weekend.


Hours of Operations:

Friday 10am – 5pm

Saturday 10am – 5pm

Sunday 10am – 2pm

General Rules:

  1. Children must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.
  2. Chibi Neko is intended for children 10 and younger.
  3. Older brothers and sisters are not allowed unless the child wants them in the room.


Main Activities:

Open Room: The Chibi Neko room will be open and unstructured; it will be a small haven for the little ones from the noise of the convention. There will be coloring pages, light activities, and themed crafts available.


Meet the Mascots: Come out and get a chance to meet Reiko, Akiko, Miyoko and Takeo.


Chibi Coloring Contest: Show off your budding art skills by giving some color to the mascots’ adventure! Participants that turn in their drawing will get a sticker. The contest runs until Saturday at 12:30pm.


Chibi Cosplay Contest

Hey Parents, don’t forget to bring your child’s costumes along as Chibi Neko will be hosting a cosplay contest for the kids. The Chibi Contest is Saturday at 2pm. The winner,  as well as the top 3 of each age bracket (Ages 6 and under & Ages 7-10), will get VIP seating and enjoy a walk across the stage at Neko Masquerade on Saturday! Make sure you sign up Friday morning until Saturday at 12:30pm!



  1. Open to kids 10 and under. Parents and older siblings can participate but the youngest is the star.
  2. Costumes need to be mostly handmade. No store bought costumes.
  3. Participants will be asked to walk up to the stage area and strike a pose for people to see them.

4. The winner, as well as the top 3 of each age bracket (Ages 6 and under & Ages 7-10), gets VIP seating for 4 and a walk on during the main Cosplay. Please note for winners under 8 the parent or guardian must walk with their child across the stage with them. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!