Starlight Maid and Butler Cafe

Starlight Maid & Butler Café is a volunteer event group made up of fans of pop culture, anime, and all things cute. Since starting in 2013 and rebranding from “Lovely Heart Maid Café” in 2022, we have partnered with Nekocon to bring a taste of the bustling and energetic atmosphere of Akihabara Japan’s theme cafés to Hampton Roads. At our café we offer games, food decoration, personalized memorabilia, live performances, and more! Our mission is to spread smiles and entertainment to NekoCon and the Hampton Roads area. We aim to not only introduce our guests to a fun maid/butler café experience but also support a good cause! Every year, we are proud to partner with NekoCon to raise money for their chosen charities! Starlight Maid & Butler Café hopes to continue helping great causes for the community and entertaining Nekocon!

Starlight Maid and Butler Cafe is located on the first floor of the Embassy Suites Hotel next door to the Convention Center. Cafe is open Friday and Saturday 12:00(noon)-5pm.